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Title: Silence
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Sam
Notes/warnings: Just my version of a PWP, that is a little bit lot more PG than most (Because I suck at the porn).
Word Count: 371 words
Summary (at which I suck): In the silence there is healing, for silence tells the truth, or, the one where brothers share a quiet moment together in between hunts.

Shadows danced across the wall, created by a lone passing truck.

The bodies casting those dark shapes paid no attention to the traffic on the road outside, or anything else, too wrapped up in themselves.

The silver light of the moon streaming through the salt lined window was just enough to bathe the two figures writhing on one of the twin beds in a soft glow.

Sheets were discarded now, lying forgotten, with the pillows on the motel room floor.

Fingers smoothed reverently over heated flesh, teasing, seeking out places of pleasure on the other’s bodies.

A mouth opened, silently begging before being claimed by the other’s pink, swollen lips. Without a single noise the two lovers worshiped each others bodies, conveying thoughts, wants, needs, with simple touches.

They moved together effortlessly, following each others lead with an ease only found in trust.

Sweat gleaned on pale skin, highlighting muscles that twitched in pleasure as lips travelled over a well defined torso.

Slick fingers clearing the way before one of the men slowly pushed in.

The view was glorious as they joined, heads thrown back, mouths open, but silent as ever.

Then, as one they snapped back, eyes locking as they began moving, a slow, torturous roll.

The reason for them being face to face becomes clear.

Gazes locked they communicate. Through their eyes alone they tell each other things, understand more clearly than if they were spoken out loud.

There was no place for words here, in this quiet moment between time.

Hands began moving again, soft tender and worshiping, in time with their thrusts.

A caressing hand came up to bring their mouths together again once more before their pace quickened and they pulled back to simple eye contact once again.

Both maintained that contact as they came, neither blinking as they watched the other succumb, drinking in their reactions like declarations of love.

Gently they parted and one wordlessly left with a touch to the cheek, returning with a cloth to clean them both.

Without discussion they climbed into the second, untouched bed, curled around each other and drifted off to sleep.

Outside, as if in awe of the love shared, the world, for once, was blessedly silent.