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f_jonesy's Journal

10 January
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Like to write, draw, paint, blah blah, but seem to never find time. I love photography and always try to steal time where I can. Sadly, I am known as "that crazy girl with the camera" at parties.
Supernatural has corrupted me. I now laugh at EVERYTHING, because it reminds me of something from an episode. This includes flatbread, pudding, teddy bears, clowns, apple pie, mandroids, cats, dodge ball, Bert and Ernie, fudge, cupid, CSI shows, Batman, the Knight Rider theme song, unicorns, sticks (What do you wanna do? Poke her with a stick?)YES I WANT TO POKE EVERYONE WITH A STICK!, Thursdays (Cause i'm a teddy bear doctor), anyone called Tod gets KNEEL BEFORE TOD yelled in his face, trenchcoats, that Lady In Red song, the list is endless.