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FIC: Sam Is Observant - Angel DVD

Title: Sam Is Observant - Angel DVD
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam Winchester
Notes/warnings: Just for fun. No monkeys were harmed in the making of any DVDs.
Word Count: 612 words
Summary (at which I suck): Sam is Dean's long suffering brother, who prides himself on being observant. However, when it comes to noticing that his brother and an Angel of the Lord have a thing going on, Sam falls a little short. In this story: Dean eats popcorn, Castiel is both worried and curious about Sam's choice in porn, and Sam gets rudely woken up by the TV.

Sam rolled over as the flickering light of the TV roused him from his sleep. He sat up on his elbows to glare at the offending screen.

“Ugh,” he remarked, still too asleep to say anything remotely coherent.

That was, until his mind caught up with what he was looking at. “Dude! Are you seriously watching porn in the middle of the night when I’m right next to you?”

He turned his glare to focus on his brother, who was lounging above the covers in just a tee and his boxer briefs.

Dean stuffed a handful of popcorn in his mouth and crunched obnoxiously before answering. “It’s only -.”

Sam cut him off. “You can’t seriously be going to tell me that is the only thing on!”

“No, I’m just -.” Dean tried but Sam was on a roll, sounding a little bit hysterical. “And even if it was, you don’t watch that shit when I’m around.”

“It's only soft core Sammy, lighten up.” That was the wrong thing to say.

Sam sat up leaning over between the beds to point threateningly. “I don’t care if it’s soft core or if it’s a bearded lady and a monkey! There’s a code Dean, for the love of God we have a code!”

It is during this statement that Castiel chose to zap himself back into his spot on the bed next to Dean.

Unaware of the situation, he spoke before Sam could get another word in. “I got more popcorn Dean, what do you wish to view next?”

Dean watched as his brother’s sleepy mind tried to process the appearance of the Angel, and snorted when he failed at not jumping at the shock. Serves him right, Dean thought, when Sam’s reaction caused him to topple forward into the space between the two beds, where he stayed, blinking and opening his mouth like a goldfish.

Unperturbed, Dean made grabby fingers at Castiel’s new bowl of popcorn before leaning in to elbow him and tease, “Dude, I think you broke him.”

He let out a loud laugh then slapped Castiel on the back, “Way to go man.”

Dean chuckled at the horror on Castiel’s face, he was just too easy to tease, before slinging an arm around him. “Just kidding, he’s always been this retarded. Now, where were we? Die Hard 3?”

“I believe we were up to Die Hard 4, Dean.” Castiel corrected before turning his gaze to the Television where the screen flickered and Sam saw the opening sequence of Die Hard 4 begin to play.

“Seriously? You’re just watching movies?” Sam couldn’t believe that his brother let him get worked up over nothing. Why hadn’t he said anything before?

“Yeah Sam. If you hadn’t interrupted me earlier, I was trying to say that I was waiting for Cas to get back from a snack run. I wasn’t going to turn the TV off for the few minutes the Angel DVD was out of the building, and that was the channel that happened to be on when you woke up."

"Christ Sam, what did you think? That Cas and I were watching porn together when you were snoring right next to us? That’s just gross, talk about mood killer.”

Sam avoids his gaze because, minus Cas, that was exactly what he thought he was doing.

Feeling embarrassed he mumbled, “It was only soft core, nothing to get all uppity about,” while pulling himself up to get back into bed.

As he turned over, putting his back to his brother and the angel, he completely missed the question from Castiel, “A bearded lady and a monkey?”

Dean winked and mouthed a reply, “Later.”